Special thanks from COM re: EID in the Park in Sutton

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On behalf of Companions of the Mosque (COM), we would like to thank all the people who worked tirelessly to make the Eid in the park a success in Sutton.

Last year 500 people turned up to the event. This year the numbers reached nearly 1000 people and the feedback received has been absolutely overwhelming. The community came out in their droves, people from all parts of the world, coming together as one united community, celebrating Eid as one family.

Especially pleasing was the enjoyment the children derived from the event, with the bouncy castle, giant slide, helium balloons, goody bags, ice cream and food all contributing well to the day. The day ended with a “no holds barred” tug of war competition followed by Dhur Salah. This is probably the first time the phrase “show mercy for your brother” did not register with anyone.

On the whole it was truly a memorable day for everyone. The video footage of this year’s Eid will be posted on our website by brother Ahad soon so continue visiting our website for updates.

Once again, Jazak Allah Khairan to all the volunteers that made this event a success by Allah’s mercy and everyone in the community who participated to make this event a truly memorable experience.

Wassalamu alaikum

Adussalam (Salam Subhan)

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  1. Abdullatif says:

    Ma shaa’a Allah. wish I was with you