Ramadaan 1439 (2018) & the Thomas Wall Centre

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Assalamu’alaikum All,

Just a few words about Ramadaan: we start and finish Ramadan in sync with Makka.
so Tuesday will be 29 Sha’baan, thus Ramadan may start Wednesday, or Thursday if Sha’baan complete 30 days. depending on new Crescent sightings.

How do we know??

🕢 About 6:30pm (our time) they would be praying Isha in Makkaht مكة المكرمة.
So on Tuesday please go on the internet watching Makkah life. If after Isha they pray Taraweeh then we know that fasting starts Wednesday, otherwise it’ll start Thursday.

COM’s Taraweeh Prayers :
We have booked the hall at Thomas Wall Centre from 10:30 to 12:00 midnight. We (إن شاء الله ) shall start on Tuesday. If RAMADAN is on Wednesday then we pray Taraweeh, otherwise if starts on Thursday then we just pray Isha.

Please note:

– congregation prayer shall start at 10:45 pm.

– If you would like to help preparing the hall laying down the prayer Matt’s etc then please arrive at 10:30 Sharp.

– PLEASE bring your own drinking water with you.
there is free fresh drinking water tap at the hall.

– please park your car in the centre’s car park. But leave the end three spaces by the tree for disabled parking.

– if the car park is full then please park on the main road (Ben hill Ave). or the roads opposite the centre.
– please do not park on the the road adjacent (Lenham Road).

– if you want to chat to your friends then please do it inside the hall, or inside your car, but not in the car park as this may disturb the neighbors or the residents of the centre.

The hall will be open at 10:30 for 10:45 start. If you would like to volunteer sharing the duties of opening the hall etc then please contact br Mohammad Kabeer who will put you on the Rota.

We will be posting more information regarding zakat fidyah fitraht and general sadaqaht, later on inshaaAllah

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