Online Talk: Discovering Islamic Inheritance

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In a world that often seems complex and fast-paced, it’s crucial to take a moment to explore and understand different cultural and religious practices. Islamic inheritance is one such topic that carries profound significance within the Muslim community. To shed light on this often-misunderstood aspect of Islamic law, we are excited to announce an upcoming talk that promises to be enlightening and informative.

Talk Details: Title: Learn how to prepare your family for the next life
Date: 8 October 2023
Time: 3pm – 4pm BST
Location: Online ONLY

Why Attend?

  1. Deepen Your Understanding: Islamic inheritance laws are rooted in the Quran and Sunnah (the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). Attending this talk will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these laws, their importance, and their practical applications in modern times.
  2. Utilising Waseeya, a dedicated app for Islamic inheritance offers a multitude of benefits. It simplifies the often intricate calculations involved in distributing assets according to Islamic law, ensuring fairness and compliance. Moreover, these apps provide a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to individuals regardless of their familiarity with legal and financial intricacies. Ultimately, these digital tools empower individuals to navigate the complexities of Islamic inheritance with ease, promoting financial transparency, and helping families uphold the principles of equity and justice outlined in Islamic jurisprudence.
  3. Legal and Practical Insights: Whether you’re a legal professional, a financial planner, or simply interested in learning more, this talk will offer valuable insights into how Islamic inheritance laws impact legal and financial matters.
  4. Q&A Session: The talk will include a Q&A session, allowing attendees to seek clarifications and engage in discussions with the speaker. This is an excellent opportunity to get answers to any specific questions you may have.

About the Speakers: Shaikh Abdullatif Osman has dedicated over 50 years to studying and teaching Islamic inheritance laws in Syria and is a natice Arab speaker. Their expertise and passion for the subject make them the perfect guide to unravel the complexities of this topic.

Razi Fakih, founder of Waseeyah, has not only shaped the financial landscape but has also championed innovation and excellence in the industry. With a career that spans across prestigious institutions such as HSBC Amanah, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has had a significant impact on financial services, particularly in the realm of Islamic finance.

How to Register: To secure your spot at this illuminating talk, please click here to register your spot. Hurry, as seating may be limited!

Join us for an enriching experience as we delve into the world of Islamic inheritance, demystify its intricacies, and foster a greater understanding of this essential aspect of Islamic culture and law. We look forward to seeing you there and embarking on this enlightening journey together.

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