New term: Saturday Children Study starts Saturday 13th September 2014

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Assalamu alaiukum,


Just a reminder the children study circle re-opens from Saturday 13th September, 2014.

I would ask ALL parents to ensure pupils:

– Arrive on time, by 10.25am

– Bring their copy of Gateway to Arabic book

– Exercise book, pens, etc – Scrap A4 sheets is not acceptable

– Blessing book

– Small Qur’an (optional)


Frequently asked questions

“Mum, dad, I’ve lost my class book” – if your child has lost their book, you can purchase a new copy from the class administrator when you arrive at a cost of £5.

“Sorry, I’m late because…” – lateness will not be tolerated for any reason. We don’t expect your child to be late for normal school, and we expect the same respect at this class. Occasionally, there will be situation beyond our control, and if you know your child will be late, please call 07713189032 as soon as possible. Our teachers give up their time, and it’s your duty to make sure your child arrives in a timely manner.

“I’ve forgotten my book” – it is you AND your child’s responsibility to ensure they have the tools for the job. We reserve the right to send pupils home if they fail to turn up unprepared. It is harsh and unfair, but it holds back others that are committed and hardworking.

“I’ve NOT done my homework because…” – again, this is unreasonable and will not be tolerated. Persistent offenders will be sent home and will be removed off the register at the discretion of the administrator.

“I’ve NOT done, my blessing home work because…” – see above

“I didn’t come to the class last week because…” – From time to time we all have engagements, but if your child cannot attend for any reason, then you must notify in writing when they cannot attend. It is your child’s responsibility to catch up before they are back and to maintain their blessing book..

If you are new to this area or wish to bring your child to this class, please call Ahad on 07713 189 032, we will assess your child’s ability and place them in the appropriate group.

Lastly, I cannot stress how it important it is to do the set homework. Our teachers sacrifice time and effort for free, so it’s important you take advantage of this.

If you have any queries, please call Ahad on 07713 189 032.




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