June Monthly Gathering

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A reminder of our COM’s Monthly Sunday Community Gathering
The activities will, in-shaa’a Allah, include:

Date:    2 June, 2013
Venue:    Sutton Youth Centre Robin Hood Lane, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 2SD

The sunday session for the ladies will inshaALLAH start at 10:20am sharp. Sister Saira will be making banana and blueberry muffins with the girls and there will be some form of sports as well run by our newest [youngster]team.InshaALLAh.  we aim to finish by 1:30pm so please tell the brothers and families to come by/from 1:45pm.

13:45 – 16:40 pm
The core hours/activities for all ;-
This is the core time which everyone in the family should do their best to attend. This is the main social gathering which will include (but not necessary order):
Prayers (Thohur prayer will be at 13:45 sharp in-shaa’a Allah) , Lunch, COM General Monthly Meeting, Short Reminder, Q&A session, and of course many breaks in-between to allow for socialising.

4:30 – till closing:
Optional;-  Brothers Fun/Sports activities ( on site there are Table tennis –bring your ping balls etc, pool tables –bring your own queues-, there is basket balls, shuttle cock … )

See you ALL on Sunday in-shaa’a Allah

Yours Brotherly
07 803 182 785

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