IMPORTANT NOTICE:: Zakaatul-fitr

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We strongly advise people to complete their Fitra (Zakaatul-fitr)
at least two days before Eid.

This is so that it is in the possession of the needy before the Eid prayers. If it is not paid in time, it will not be accepted as Fitra. Instead it will only be classed as an ordinary charity.

The following authentic hadeeth explains this:
Narrated by Ibn Abbaas, may Allah be pleased with him, that the messenger of Allah, salla Allhu alaihi wa sallam, said: ”The Fitra is cleansing, for the fasting person, from nonsense and misconduct behaviour, at the same time it is a feeding gift to the needy, whomsoever hands it over – i.e. to the needy BEFORE the Eid prayer, then it is an accepted Zakaaht, and whomsoever give it after the prayers then it is charity as part of charities” (Sunan Abi Dauod 1609 –translated by Abdullatif)

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