Hajj Seminar & The importance of Morals and Manners in Islam

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Coming this October:

Hajj Seminar & The importance of Morals and Manners in Islam

This is to remind everyone NOT TO MISS our monthly community gathering that will take place Sunday, 7 October 2012 at the Quad.

Hajj Seminar
If you are performing Hajj this year, please take advantage of this half day seminar that will show in great details all the procedures you need to follow and what to avoid etc.

The importance of Morals and Manners in Islam
Imam Bukhari reported that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Verily those I love most and those who will be closest to me are those of you who have the best morals.” And he (SAW) was asked once about the best assets that would make a Muslim enter Heaven, he said: “The fear of Allah and good morals”.

This is the third part of the talk delivered by Abdullatif Osman of Companions of the Mosque.

As usual, if you have a question for the speaker you may email it in advance to: sundaytalkquestions@companionsofthemosque.com no later than 6pm Saturday. Your name will not be mentioned and if the speaker doesn’t get it covered during the talk then it will be answered during the Q&A session as a priority.

Here is a quick summary of this Sunday’s event:

· 11.00am Hajj seminar
· 3:30pm Family gathering begins
· 4:30pm Main talk of the month starts: “Akhlaq (أخلاق‎) – The importance of Morals and Manners in Islam
· 5:30pm Asr Salah
· 6:00pm tidy up venue
· 6:30pm Finish

Please make effort to attend from the beginning as the main reason for this regular monthly gathering is to get the community together in order to strengthen the bond and affection between us.
The details of the venue is as follows: The Quad (Youth Centre), Green Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, SM5 1JW

There is an on-site parking as well as off street parking. For further information, please telephone: 07946 489 099.

Please publicise this event to your friends and families (Muslims & non-Muslims) as everyone is welcome.

Wassalamu alaikum.

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