Food Competition Winners

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Assalaamu’alaikum Everyone,
Alhumdulillah our very first ‘COM Junior Cook Off’ has now successfully ended by Allah’s mercy.
Well done to everyone who participated, the judges and the parents were blown away by the high standards of all the teams. There were 4 judges with very different tastes, English, Arab and Asian and all 4 of them enjoyed every single dish. Their menu’s were creative, delicious and very well presented. The judges based their decision on complexity of menu, presentation, taste, attention to detail and ‘In kitchen’ scores. In a close run competition, the winners were Team A. Congratulations to all teams, everyone did a fantastic job and the judges suggested that prizes should have been given to all of the participants. Insha’Allah next time.
The objective of this competition was to get the children of our community to organise themselves and work as a team and Masha’Allah they did that, working together in a manner that we grown-ups could take an example from. So jazakh Allah khairun for being such fantastic examples of how a community should be. I Pray that you apply that to all aspects of your lives.
Special Mention:
Thank You to Aunty Fazilah for making the most beautiful prize aprons I have every seen.
Thank you to Jenusha and Beatrice from Wallington High School for Girls. They were there with others from their school to do a community project for their Citizenship Class but stepped in to help team A, when two of their team members had to drop out.
Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to thank the judges, Angela, Fareha, Naziha and Natasha, for their time, effort and careful consideration in selecting a winner. Their job could not have been an easy one. They are very proud of all the girls who participated.

A summary of the judge’s comments:
Team A: overall they had the most ambitious/complex dishes. They paid a great deal of attention to presentation and excelled in making not one, not two, but three tasty desserts. They also overcame two team members having to drop out at the last minute and thanks to the help of some school friends roped in by the team captain they managed to pull off an exciting three course meal.
Team B: produced by far the best main course in the competition. They also excelled in management in the kitchen and were calm and collected throughout. Everyone really enjoyed their fruit crumble for dessert and the remainder was quickly devoured by the rest of Com.
Team C: being probably the youngest group on average in the whole contest, they created a fantastic rocky road brownie dessert that was presented in true Sundae style (the perfect thing for a sunny afternoon). They also made sure everything kept perfectly to time and even went the extra mile by making a fresh lemonade cooler for the judges.
-All in all, it was a close call with the girls pulling out all the stops to impress!



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