February monthly community gathering this Sunday

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Assalamu alaikum,

This is a quick email to remind everyone that our monthly gathering will take place this Sunday at the following venue:

Sutton Youth Centre
Robin Hood Lane

The gathering will take place from 12:30pm till 3:30pm for the for activities, which include:
·        Lunch
·        General meeting
·        Presentation
·        and a short reminder

Then from 4pm to 5pm:
·        Basketball game for the boys and adults towards the end (optional)
·       Badmington (bring your own bats and ball)
·        and table tennis (bring your own bats and ball)

A generous sister from the community has volunteered to provide authentic Moroccan cuisine. You’re all welcome to bring food if you wish.

Please do your very best to come and meet other members of your local community .

We shall start by Duhr prayers at 12:40 sharp and Asr at 3:00pm. Inshallah we will finish with Maghrib prayers at 5pm.

For further information on classes and activities organised by Companions of the Mosque, please call Brother Abdullatif on 07803 182 785.
Wassalamu alaikum.

Subhan Salaam from Bangladesh

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