Eid ul-Adha 1442 ( 20 July 2021) – Eid Prayers in the Park

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It is been officially confirmed that the Grand Eid of Sacrifice 1442 will inshaaAllah be on Tuesday 20 July.

Companions of the Mosque will be organising Eid Prayers for the tenth consecutive year.

This year we will be holding two Eid venues:

Click here for tickets at Overton Park, Sutton: 20 July from 9am

The Eid takbiraat starts promptly at 10.00am. Please arrive by 9.00am to avoid the traffic rush. There will be no chairs available.

Click here for tickets at The Thomas Wall Centre: 20 July from 7am

The Eid takbiraat starts promptly at 7.15am. Please arrive by 7am to avoid the traffic rush – there is car parking but is limited.

All contributions are welcome! Please email info@companionsofthemosque.com if you have any queries or would like to help.

The address for the park is Sutton Overton Park, SM2 6QT

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Ahad – 07572783253

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