Eid in the Thomas Wall Centre 1445 (April ’24)

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Dear all,

Just to update you all for our Eid Celebrations:

This Eid, we will be holding this in the Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Ave, Sutton SM1 4DP.

The first Jamaat will open from 8am (the salaah will be at 8.30am)

The second Jamaat will open from 9.15am (the salaah will be at 9.30am)

Please understand if numbers are high we may need you to attend the next session or another venue.

There will be NO access to parking on the day at the centre – it will be limited to just volunteers and disable badges users only – please have this available, and will be on a first come basis.

There are parking facilities available on Throwley way – this is 500m or a 3 min walk from the centre.

Drop offs
We intend to restrict drop off on Benhill Avenue. You maybe asked to move on if you park on or near the entrance to the centre on Lenham Road.

PLEASE BRING YOUR MATS, it might be useful if you have one to bring an exercise mat, the floor is quite hard!!

There will be chairs  available. There are toilets to perform your wuduh , but please come prepared!

When you arrive
This will be a segregated event – please queue from the main entrance  – there will be stewards on hand to help. Please do not stand in the parking area.

Eid Salaah
Due to the timings, we will keep the Khutbah to a minimum and ask everyone to exit the halls promptly to allow the next session to start.

Zakat/Fitrana etc.
We will not be accepting any Zakat/fitra etc on the day. Any monies donated will be for the running of Companions of the Mosque.

Just in case you’re not able to attend our salaah times, here is a handy guide for other centres and Masjids in this area with the timings.

We hope to see you all soon and having a wonderful Eid celebration with you all.


Ameer and general manager


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