Eid in the Park, Sutton, 2011

Posted September 13th, 2011 by admin and filed in General

Just a few highlights from our Eid in the park event… AWESOME!!!

3 Responses to “Eid in the Park, Sutton, 2011”

  1. Zahra says:

    A huge thanks to all the volunteers who made this eid such a memorable event, mashalla, especially for the children! May Allah reward everyone who helped organize this and everyone who attended too, ameen.

  2. Samin says:

    Mashallah, it went so well-glad I was a part of it 😀 Also glad I didn’t get caught on camera this year but yeah till next year 😀

  3. Umm farhan says:

    MashaAllah , May Allah reward all brothers and sons for inventing this uniique wonderful Eid day. It was equally popular among adults and kids.
    Everyone enjoyed and all are hoping that this occasion will repeat over number of years InshaAllah.
    Thanks especially to all the sisters who cooked and donated free food to the community Alhamdolillah.