Aqeeqa & Manners in Islam

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Assalamu alaikum,

Quick note to remind everyone that our monthly gathering will take place at the Quad this Sunday. The gathering will take place earlier than usual as brother Harun will be holding Aqeeqa for his daughters.

Please arrive at the Quad from 1pm. There will be plenty of food (Insha-Allah) as brother Harun has ordered 5 sheeps to be used for this occasion.

There will be a brief talk on Aqeeqa delivered by Abdullatif, and if time allows there may be another talk on Ahlaq (manners in Islam) where he will continue from his previous talk on the same topic delivered at the Quad few months ago.

Please remember that the main aim of the monthly gathering is to get the community together once a month to build the bond by getting to know each other and strengthen the unity of the community. It’s also an opportunity for our children to get to know and make friends with other Muslims in the community. So please make an effort to attend the gathering and invite your friends and relatives to the event.

Summary of this Sunday’s event:

· 1:00pm Family gathering begins
· 1:15pm Dhuhr Salah
· 1:30pm Brief talk on Aqeeqa – delivered by Abdullatif Osman
· 1:45pm Lunch (foord served for Aqeeqa)
· 2:45pm Talk on Ahlaq followed by Q&A (manners in Islam)
· 3:30pm Tidy up venue
· 4:00pm Finish

The details of the venue is as follows: The Quad (Youth Centre), Green Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, SM5 1JW
There is an on-site parking as well as off street parking. For more information, please telephone: 07946 489 099.

Wassalamu alaikum.

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