The ruling on Zakaatul–Fitr

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By the name of Allah, The Source of Mercy, The Compassionate.

Zakaatul–Fitr is an obligation upon every muslim who is capable of paying it.

The threshold of Zakaatul–Fitr is food or sustenance which is enough for a day and a night for the person and his family and whom he is obliged to feed.

Who is obliged to pay it?

One should pay Zakaatul–Fitr on his own behalf and on behalf every person in his household for whom he is responsible to provide sustenance for e.g wife, children, parents, slaves, servants etc. It was narrated by Abdullah son of Omar, may Allah be pleased with them both, he said: “The Massenger had ordained that Charity of Ending the Fast, should be paid on behalf of the infant or the adult the free or the slave of whom you are responsible for”. This hadeeth is produced by Al-Daarqattney and checked to be good by Al-Albani in the (Irwaa`a) (835).

How much is it?
It is calculated per person:- One Saa`a of date or barley or sultanas, etc or anything that is classed as storable food (one Saa`a is four Muedds and a Muedd is the volume of how much a man can scoop in his both hands).

It was narrated by Abi-Sa`eed Al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him):- “We used to pay Zakaatul–Fitr as one Saa`a of food, or one Saa`a of barley, or one Saa`a of Dates, or one Saa`a of dry yogurt, or one Saa`a of sultanas – or raisin” (collected by Al-Bukhaari 1506 and Muslim 985).

Can Zakaatul-Fitr be paid in the form of money?

No. It is not allowed for its value to be paid as money because the texts, of all the Hadeeths, regarding Zakaatul-Fitr refer to it as food. Hence it is essential that if one sends money overseas to be paid as Zakaatul-Fitr on his behalf it is important to tell the people to convert it into storable-food (in accordance with the amount of money sent) and then distribute the food to the poor and needy who are Muslims.

According to Imam al-Nawawi: “Of the majority of scholars only Abu-Haneefah allowed Zakaatul –Fitr to be paid as money”

When should it be paid?:

It was narrated by Abdullah son of Omar, may Allah be pleased with them both: “that the prophet (may prayers of Allah be upon him) ordered that Zakaatul–Fitr be paid before people go out to the prayers”.

There is no harm if one is paying it on someone’s behalf to pay it before Eidul-Fitr by one two or three days, as this was done by Son of Omar.

Who is recipient of it?
The poor and needy of the Muslim Ummaht. Priority should be given to one’s immediate family and relatives nearest then furthest.

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