Eid confirmed for tomorrow Friday 17th July 2015

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Assalamu alaikum,

Dear All,

Just to let you all know, it’s been confirmed straight from the Sheiks mouth: the moon has been sighted in Saudi and therefore Eid has been confirmed for tomorrow July 17 2015.


Please do:

– Arrive by 10am latest, the Salaah will start at 10.30am sharp. Car space is limited so please arrive early to avoid the rush.

– Bring a mat

– Bring some finger food to share with your Muslim brothers and sisters – (Personally I like anything with lamb!!)

– Bring your children, wives, sisters, brothers, parents


When you arrive, please:

– Sit on the sitting area, please NO strolling or milling around talking to friends

– Please listen to Khutbah – this is IMPORTANT, else you will spoil your salaat

– Please do not rush off after Salaah, enjoy the day with us, there is something for everyone!

Lastly, if you are able to volunteer to help clear up after the event, this will be much appreciated, many hands make light work after all!





Eid tomorrow! Eid Mubarak All…

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Assalamu alaikum,

Just a quick reminder for tomorrow:

– Please arrive by 10.00am, we plan to do Eid salaat at 10.30am insha-allah
– Remember to bring your mats
– If you able, please bring some snacks, a dish of your cultural choice – we can all munch on this after the Eid salaat whilst we socialise at the end.

Lastly, please remember to have a good time. This event is for you AND your family. Bring them and enjoin in the goodness it brings.


Eid in the Park, Sutton, 2010

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Just a quick video of the day.