Sunday talk: Islamic rights & obligations within the family

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Coming this May: This country suffers from a major crisis in the breakdown of family life hence the country is sometimes referred to as ‘broken Britain’.

When family life breaks down, this not only affects the Individuals involved but also affects the society as a whole. Islam places great importance on the family life, due to the impact it has on society.

There are clear roles and responsibilities placed on Individual within the family in Islam – The ‘husband’ & ‘wife’ have their rights and responsibilities towards each other, the children and parents also have their rights and responsibilities towards each others. Only by maintaining this can we have a strong and balanced family life. The alternative is chaos and the eventual breakdown of family life in the society.

This Sunday’s talk is especially organised as a reminder to everyone (according to Quran and Sunnah) of their rights and responsibilities towards each other so that we can continue to function as a strong family unit unlike the wider community. Only when we follow the guidance of Allah and His Messenger we can truly succeed.

Please try to attend.

This talk will be delivered by Brother Uthman Lateef of Slough. Masha Allah, Brother Uthman Lateef has a wealth of knowledge and has delivered eloquent talks previously at the Quad.

Here are the details of the days activities:

10:45am        Sisters gathering only (boys under 10 are welcome)

Activities include:

– Judo taught by an experienced sister (everyone can participate) followed by other sports such as basketball.

– Book club for the girls. This can be extended to the adults if there are interest from sisters.

– Discussions on many topics

– Arts & crafts for the younger kids aged 2 – 6 years old

– Making Arabic & English dictionaries (for younger kids). This month the focus will be on letter Alif and the letter A.

– There will also be light snacks for lunch (everyone is encouraged to bring a dish, but it’s not compulsory)


2:30pm Family gathering (for everyone)
The sisters gathering ends at 2:30pm, followed by gathering of everyone (male & female) at The Quad to socialise (brothers with brothers and sisters with sisters). It is also good opportunities for children to get to know other Muslim children.

Once again everyone is encouraged to bring a dish but not Compulsory.

3:40pm tidy up for the main talk

4:00-4:20pm  Our youngsters’ presentation

4:30pm (sharp) main talk: Rights and obligations in the family (an Islamic perspective)
by Brother Uthman Lateef

6:30pm End

The details of the venue is as follows: The Quad (Youth Centre), Green Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, SM5 1JW

See map here.

There is an on-site parking as well as off street parking. For further information, please email or call me on: 07946 489 099.

Please publicise this event to your friends and families (Muslims & Non-Muslims) as everyone is welcome.

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