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Fidyaht – Compensation for missed fasting that cannot be made up

This is payable for everyday of missed fast, either as a satisfying meal, or half a Saa‘a of preservable food of what people can cook for later (eg. rice, barley, wheat, pulses…etc.)

Zakaatul-Fitr (Fitraana) by Shaykh Uthaymeen |

The current average cost of this in Damascus is around £3.50.

Zakaatul Fitr (also known as Fitra or Fitrana)

This also payable in preservable food only. One Saa‘a of dried food stuffs ( eg, grain rice wheat etc, dates or raisins) per person in the family regardless of their age.

The average cost of this is around £5 per person. If you want to give Saa‘a of dates then the cost of this rises to above £10.

Zakaatul maal

(Financial Zakaht) the most common is the 2.5% of saved income gold/silver that has been saved in your position for a whole lunar year. for more details of this zakat PLEASE refer to the fiqh books like “FIQHU SUNNAH” for Imam Sayyed Sabiq.

Please Note:

We are aiming to complete the collection for the above by the end of the second week of Ramadan i.e 14 Ramadan. This will give us chance to send the money over and for the organiser over there to sort out buying and distribution without causing hardship of last minute rush.

Collections will be during our Taraweeh prayers at:

Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4DP

What to do with your Fidyat or Zakaat

PLEASE place your donations in envelopes stating the amount and if:

– Fidyaht then write for how many days

– Fitra then write on behalf of how many people

– Zakaatul Maal then just write ZAKAT

– if normal general charity then write sadaqaht or charity .

PLEASE NOTE that the last two weeks of Ramadan we will only collect for Companions of the Mosque projects support

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