Eid confirmed for tomorrow – Eid Mubarak

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Assalamu alaikum,


Just to let you all know, it’s been confirmed straight from the Sheiks mouth: The moon has been sighted in Suadi and therefore Eid has been confirmed for tomorrow Monday 28th.


As a pre-cursor to our main celebration we will be having tea and biscuits in the Thomas Wall Centre tonight after Isha.


If you have any questions, please call me directly 07713 189 032.



Eid in the Park 1435 (2014)

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Eid-in-the-park-2014-v1.pdfAssalamu alaikum,


Companions of the Mosque will be organising Eid gathering in the park for the family for the forth consecutive year! Date is still be confirmed (depending on the sighting of the moon), but please check back on this site for confirmation nearer the time.

On the Eid day, please arrive by 10am, as the salah in the park will start at 10:30am sharp. There will be separate areas for the sisters and plenty of activities for the kids, including a giant inflatables – see the poster for more details. There’s lots of snacks and drinks (including teas and coffees) and FREE goody bags for under 10s.


Don’t forget to bring snacks to share. I really like lamb samosas, but feel free to bring falafel, sandwiches and any other nik-nak finger foods…. and bring your prayer mat.

Lastly, this event is free, but ALL contributions are very much welcome.

If you didn’t attend our previous Eid event, here’s what you missed:


IMPORTANT: Zakat Information

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Dear ALL

Assalaam alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh

Praised be Allah the Lord the Sustainer the Creator and Master of the worlds.

By the grace of Allah we have been granted the go ahead to hold our  ” End of Fasting Eid 1435 ” In The Park,  details of which, -Allah willing-,  will follow in due course.

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION FOR EVERY MUSLIM regarding to Zakatul Fitr (also known as Fitra or Fitrana etc.)

This Zakat is worked out to be eqivelant to a minimum of £6.00 per person and have to be distributed as preservable food before Eid Prayers. but if it to be sent abroad then it have to be sent well before end of Ramadan.
Please click here  for details (of why is that)


Imperative notice:
We are however collecting this Zakaaht during the second half of Ramadan,  Last day of collection will be Friday 17 Ramadan (18 July).

This is to allow transferring it overseas and then for people over there to transform it into food parcels in order to distribute it before the Eid prayers.

If you want to participate then our collection will be done at
COM’s Taraaweeh at
Thomas Wall Centre,
52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4DP

or at:

Abdullatif’s Jum’a Prayers at, New Malden Jum’a
Shiraz Mirza Community Manor Park Hall,
Malden Road, New Malden, KT3 6AU

Eid arrangments details will soon be published here on our website, so keep an eye on the site.

Yours Brotherly



Zakatul Fitr & Eid Takbeer 1435

Ramadan 1435 A.H. (June 2014)

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Dear All

Assalaam alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh

Allah willing,  COM’s  Teraweeh Prayers will be as usual at:

Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, SM1 4DP Sutton

10:30 arrival, and set up for 10:45 START

The start time will change to an earlier time so please make note of any announcements.

– Please arrive sharply on time – we will not wait.

DO NOT park in Lenham Road,  you can park at the centre’s car park or the main road (Ben Hill Ave) or the Road opposite.

– When leaving the centre, please please please consider the neighbours: DO NOT hang around outside the hall or in the car park or outside the centre. If you need to chat to anyone then do it inside the hall.

Please DO leave extremely quietly, DO NOT rev your engine.

May Allah rewards you for your co-operation.

Yours Brotherly