UPDATE: Eid ul Fitr 1442 (2021)

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Dear all,
I have been informed by the local Sutton Council we will not be able to proceed with Eid in the Park, and due to restrictions at the Thomas Wall Centre we will not be able to perform Eid there either.

It is therefore with great regret I have to inform you all that Companions Of the Mosque will not be holding any Eid-fitr event.

Going forward, I have been advised there is a strong possibility we will have a proper Eid-ul Adha in a few months time with relaxed rules, but for now we need to be patient.

Thank you all for your help and support.

Kind regards,

General manger, COM

Collections during Ramadan

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Fidyaht – Compensation for missed fasting that cannot be made up

This is payable for everyday of missed fast, either as a satisfying meal, or half a Saa‘a of preservable food of what people can cook for later (eg. rice, barley, wheat, pulses…etc.)

Zakaatul-Fitr (Fitraana) by Shaykh Uthaymeen |

The current average cost of this in Damascus is around £3.50.

Zakaatul Fitr (also known as Fitra or Fitrana)

This also payable in preservable food only. One Saa‘a of dried food stuffs ( eg, grain rice wheat etc, dates or raisins) per person in the family regardless of their age.

The average cost of this is around £5 per person. If you want to give Saa‘a of dates then the cost of this rises to above £10.

Zakaatul maal

(Financial Zakaht) the most common is the 2.5% of saved income gold/silver that has been saved in your position for a whole lunar year. for more details of this zakat PLEASE refer to the fiqh books like “FIQHU SUNNAH” for Imam Sayyed Sabiq.

Please Note:

We are aiming to complete the collection for the above by the end of the second week of Ramadan i.e 14 Ramadan. This will give us chance to send the money over and for the organiser over there to sort out buying and distribution without causing hardship of last minute rush.

Collections will be during our Taraweeh prayers at:

Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4DP

What to do with your Fidyat or Zakaat

PLEASE place your donations in envelopes stating the amount and if:

– Fidyaht then write for how many days

– Fitra then write on behalf of how many people

– Zakaatul Maal then just write ZAKAT

– if normal general charity then write sadaqaht or charity .

PLEASE NOTE that the last two weeks of Ramadan we will only collect for Companions of the Mosque projects support


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COM will be hosting a Covid vaccination hub on 

Friday 16 April and 30 April, 


The Thomas Wall Centre

52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton SM1 4DP

Working with Sutton Primary Care Networks, local Muslim female and male doctors will be running this special Ramadan Twilight outreach clinic at the Thomas Wall Centre to help vaccinate more people in Sutton against Covid.

This is an excellent opportunity for you and/or your loved ones to immunise yourself against the virus in a safe and familiar environment during the Tarawih prayers during Ramadan.

PLEASE NOTE: This clinic is:

for those who are 50+

aged 18+ in a vulnerable group (Group 6 from the JVCI guideline)

the clinic will be providing the Astra-Zeneca (Oxford) vaccine 

all the vaccinations will be carried out by local Muslim doctors

the service is open to Muslims and non-Muslims 

Book your vaccination online NOW – https://suttoncovid.appointedd.com

(Female vaccinators will be available for sisters)


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Watch the video here:


Assalamu ‘alaikum all,

Have any questions about Covid or the vaccine?

Confused about information passed around?

Need more clarity to help decide what is best?

Panel hosted by:

  • Panel hosted by: Sheikh Abdullatif, Amir of COM
  • Dr Saqib Ayub (GP Colliers Wood Medical Centre)
  • Dr Kashif Aziz (GP Sutton Medical Centre)
  • Dr Imran Choudhury (Director of Public Health, LBS)
  • Dr Osman Najam (Cardiologist)

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2597846899

All you need to know about the COVD19 vaccination

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Watch the video here:

Assalamu ‘alaikum all,

Join us for the facts, busting myths and the Islamic rulings for the COVID19 vaccination.

Panel hosted by:

  • Sheikh Abdullatif, Amir of COM
  • Dr Saqib Ayub (GP Colliers Wood Medical Centre)
  • Dr Kashif Aziz (GP Sutton Medical Centre)
  • Dr Farhana Khalil (Paediatrician)
  • Dr Osman Najam (Cardiologist)
  • Amna Magrey, Clinical Pharmacist

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2597846899

UPDATE: Eid ul Fitr 1441 (2020) confirmation

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News from the High Court of The KSA

Tomorrow Saturday (22 May 2020) Ramadan will complete 30 days.
Hence (1st of Shawal) Eid-ul-Fitir 1441 will InshaaAllah be on Sunday (24 May 2020)

Yours brotherly
Abdullatif Osman

Eid ul Adha 1440 ( August 2019) – Eid Prayers in the Park

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It is been officially confirmed that the grand Eid of Sacrifice 1440 will inshaaAllah be on Sunday 11 August:

Companions of the Mosque will be organising Eid Prayers followed by the usual gathering for the family for the seventh consecutive year. This will be held at Overton Park, Sutton on 11 August from 9am till 2pm.

The Eid takbiraat starts promptly at 10.00am. Please arrive by 9.00am to avoid the traffic rush.

This is a picnic event for the entire family:  Please bring a picnic food basket to share with your family, a mat to pray on and a foldable chair to sit on. There will be no chairs available.

Remember, praying Eid out in the open is not an option: it is ordered by Prophet Muhammad

All contributions are welcome! Please email info@companionsofthemosque.com if you have any queries or would like to help.

Arrive at 9am – please get to the park early to avoid any delays

The address for the park is Sutton Overton Park, SM2 6QT

See all on Sunday insha-Allah

Ahad – 07572783253

Eid Prayer in the Park 1440 (June 2019)

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Companions of the Mosque will be organising Eid Prayer in the park for the family for the 9th year!

Date to be confirmed  – please watch this site on the Monday 3rd June 2019 after 7.30pm for Eid confirmation.

Venue: Overton Park, Sutton, SM2 6QT

Please arrive by 9.30am for the salah at 10:30am sharp

Please arrive by 9am, there is plenty of parking in the park




There will be separate areas for the sisters.

As ever don’t forget your prayer mat. Also, remember to bring water and a picnic – anything spicy lamb based will be gratefully received by the MC!

See you all soon!




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COM’s Sunday gathering news
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Just to let you all know that our Suday gathering is back on the agenda. Starting with Sunday 3 Rabeeă al-awal 1440 ( 11 November 2018 ).

We shall start at 2pm and finish by 6pm,

The Thomas Wall Centre (52 Benhill Ave, Sutton SM1 4DP)

The objective of this COM’s family gathering is for us to get to know one another and maybe benefit from a light reminder from the teachings of our most beloved prophet Muhhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

As a bonus we may sometimes invite a visiting speaker.

Good news:
For this 1st gathering we managed to book our brother shaikh Abu Sohaib as our first guest speaker.
The shaikh needs to leave us by 3:30 at the latest. So we need to start his talk by 2:15 or as soon as he arrives.

So please do arrive by 2pm.

So please free yourself and your family for that afternoon.
If you have guests for that Sunday then please invite them in to join us too. Our gatherings are open for all.
Looking forward to seeing you inshaaAllah.

Yours brotherly

Ramadaan 1439 (2018) & the Thomas Wall Centre

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Assalamu’alaikum All,

Just a few words about Ramadaan: we start and finish Ramadan in sync with Makka.
so Tuesday will be 29 Sha’baan, thus Ramadan may start Wednesday, or Thursday if Sha’baan complete 30 days. depending on new Crescent sightings.

How do we know??

🕢 About 6:30pm (our time) they would be praying Isha in Makkaht مكة المكرمة.
So on Tuesday please go on the internet watching Makkah life. If after Isha they pray Taraweeh then we know that fasting starts Wednesday, otherwise it’ll start Thursday.

COM’s Taraweeh Prayers :
We have booked the hall at Thomas Wall Centre from 10:30 to 12:00 midnight. We (إن شاء الله ) shall start on Tuesday. If RAMADAN is on Wednesday then we pray Taraweeh, otherwise if starts on Thursday then we just pray Isha.

Please note:

– congregation prayer shall start at 10:45 pm.

– If you would like to help preparing the hall laying down the prayer Matt’s etc then please arrive at 10:30 Sharp.

– PLEASE bring your own drinking water with you.
there is free fresh drinking water tap at the hall.

– please park your car in the centre’s car park. But leave the end three spaces by the tree for disabled parking.

– if the car park is full then please park on the main road (Ben hill Ave). or the roads opposite the centre.
– please do not park on the the road adjacent (Lenham Road).

– if you want to chat to your friends then please do it inside the hall, or inside your car, but not in the car park as this may disturb the neighbors or the residents of the centre.

The hall will be open at 10:30 for 10:45 start. If you would like to volunteer sharing the duties of opening the hall etc then please contact br Mohammad Kabeer who will put you on the Rota.

We will be posting more information regarding zakat fidyah fitraht and general sadaqaht, later on inshaaAllah